Interschool Leadership Fellows Program

Jordyn Lexton, founder and executive director of, addresses the interschool leadership fellows.

We are in our 7th year of the Interschool Leadership Fellows program.  We work with 36 juniors and seniors from the eight Interschools in a leadership program that addresses both theory and practice.  We bring in inspiring leaders from the non profit, social enterprise, government and corporate worlds to talk to the students about their personal and professional leadership journeys and we end with a capstone project connecting the IS schools and students with an outside organization that is mutually beneficial to both entities.  

This is an non credit bearing course, but it is extremely popular and attracts amazing students.  Jordyn Lexton, founder and executive director of, addresses the class in the photo above. is an organization dedicated to working with ex-offenders, teaching them culinary skills from working on a mobile food truck.  It was an amazing conversation that the students, the faculty and Jordyn got a lot out of!