Ongoing Professional Development
Best practice sharing for faculty, administrators and various affinity groups.

Interschool Leadership Institute
A week-long program held in June at the Calhoun School, 433 West End Avenue (9th and 81st Street) in NYC. The program helps faculty of color identify practices that will enrich their teaching experience. For more information, visit Interschool Leadership Institute. 

The CARLE Institute
A week-long summer program taking place in July at Grace Church High School in NYC. This program features ongoing work with parent associations and boards of trustees to focus on issue-oriented special events and speakers, such as collaborating with white faculty on diversity issues. For more information, visit The CARLE Institute.


Faculty Diversity Search
Interschool's Faculty Diversity Search program leads and coordinates the recruitment of faculty and administrators of color to work in New York City area independent schools. For more information, visit Faculty Diversity Search