Collaborative Problem Solving Class
A collaborative problem solving class where students work together on one challenging problem over an extended period of time. Topics covered per seminar include combinatorics, number theory, geometry, algebra and inequalities. Students will gradually acquire sophisticated problem solving skills and a knowledge base that would allow them to successfully tackle the sorts of problems one sees on the more challenging math contests.

Game Theory
A mathematical analysis of conflict and cooperation that attempts to predict, explain or recommend courses of action in situations where one player's success depends on the decisions of all players. A full year program where theoretical analysis is taught through applications in economics, politics, business, evolutionary biology, religion, philosophy, computer science, and sports, as well as through games such as poker and chess.  

Leadership Fellows Program
A two-year program, open to juniors and seniors, focusing on leadership theory and practice and culminating in a capstone project. For more information, click here.

Choral Festivals and A Cappela Groups
Performances and workshops for interested middle and upper school students.

Frost Valley
A winter peer leadership program for tenth graders from the single-sex schools run by senior-class peer leaders.

Modern Language Immersion Camp
A two-week language immersion experience in Spanish, French and Mandarin, offered June 17th - June 28th. Classes run Monday through Friday from 9:00am-3:00pm at the Spence School on 22 East 91st Street (between Madison and Fifth Avenue). For more information, visit The Interschool Language Immersion Program

Seminar Series
Periodic discussion groups on current topics, such as gender and race, organized for the Interschool communities, including parents, staff and students.