The Interschool Language Immersion Program - Early Bird Special

The Interschool Language Immersion Program is a unique opportunity for Middle School students to spend the beginning of the summer vacation having fun while learning and improving their communication skills in Spanish, French or Mandarin. Taught and led by experienced faculty from the Interschool schools, the program will run from June 18th - June 29th at the Spence School at 22 East 91st Street (between Madison and Fifth) in Manhattan. Those who register by March 15th will receive an early bird special of $100 off per week. Applications due June 15, 2018.

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Frost Valley Photo Gallery

The Frost Valley 10th grade trip, an annual three-day retreat to the Frost Valley YMCA Camp in Claryville, New York, took place in January 2017. Student from six single sex schools - Brearley, Browning, Chapin, Collegiate, Nightingale and Spence - have an opportunity to experience a "larger campus" and get to know their classmates in other schools in a coed setting. About 290 10th graders, 42 peer leaders, 40 faculty members and the Interschool staff all take part.

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Great article about raising creative children!

Adam Grant, a professor from Wharton, writes in the New York Times on how to raise a creative child.   He argues that child prodigies often do not become adult geniuses because they lack originality.   Creativity is hard to nurture but easy to thwart by pushing kids too hard and focusing too narrowly on a single goal.   Kids should be encouraged to find joy in their work and to pursue passion.  This is an important lesson when we consider the social and emotional development of our students.   See the article at

Too Much Academic Pressure or Just Enough?

A recent New York Times story highlight a dispute in a public school district in New Jersey over the amount of school pressure the students were under.   The dispute was between white families who felt the school was doing a real disservice to the children with the amount of work and competition and the Asian American families who were happy with the competitive spirit and the work load.  The Superintendent of schools was caught between the two factions.  It is an interesting read in light of the social and emotional learning we are attempting to expand in the Interschools.  Please read the article at:

Is the Drive for Success Making our Children Sick?

Interschool will be focusing on Social and Emotional Learning over the next several months.  To that end, I will posting interesting and relevant articles on this important topic.  The New York Times ran an upsetting article this weekend on the uptick in depression, anxiety and even physical strain on our children because of school pressure.  Please see the article at

NYSAIS Job Fair to Promote Diversity -- Registration is now OPEN for candidates!

Faculty Diversity Search co-sponsors an annual Job Fair to Promote Diversity with New York State Independent School Association (NYSAIS). 

The upcoming fair will be held at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School (4 West 93rd Street) on Saturday, February 20th, 2016 from 9 to 2.

Please sign up at

For further information, contact Brandie Clarke at