Substance Use and Abuse 2019 – It’s Not the High You Think You Remember!


Monday, October 21
Trinity School
101 West 91st Street

(Recommended for Middle and Upper School Parents - PLEASE RSVP BELOW)

Vaping, legal and illegal marijuana, binge drinking and opioids!

Kids are experimenting earlier and more often. They’re using powerful, often unregulated substances at a time when their brains and their bodies are still developing, causing serious health issues that may be irreversible and sometimes fatal. Health professionals and educators believe students are self-medicating in response to increased stress and anxiety, heightened expectations, and new forms of cultural and peer pressure. Please join our Interschool community for a panel discussion and Q and A, on how and why you need to talk to your kids about what you may not even realize they’re doing.

Moderator: Justine Fonte, Director of Health and Wellness at Dalton

Guests include:

Dr. Jonathan Avery, Director of Addiction Psychiatry, Weill Cornell Medical College and New York-Presbyterian Hospital
Alexis Mulvihill, Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs, Trinity School
Linda Richter, PH.D, Director of Policy Research and Analysis at Center on Addiction

Please RSVP at if you’d like to attend!